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Lost cat stories: happy reunions & testimonials

Lost cats found with coaching from the cat detective, even after being lost for days, weeks and years.

Lost cat testimonials from owners all over their world who got my help and found their cat --even after they thought they had "tried everything."


Click photos for each "lost cat found cat" story. More lost cat happy reunions stories can be found on my Lost Cat Finder  Facebook page.

lost cat found after 8 months in Austin

Cat lost in Austin 8 months is found! Lost cat reunion photo of Nicole & Sammy!

pet detective gets lost cat found after 29 days missing

Duluth kitty lost a month is home thanks to two sisters and one pet detective!

Austin pet detective tips

Zeus escaped while the owners were moving, but found just in time thanks to advice from Austin pet detective.

pet detective tracks lost cat 3 miles

Ruby was found miles away by pet detective with the help of Henry, her tracking cat spotting thee orange hairs.

Cat missing for 3 months

We found Marci's escaped indoor cat 3 months after a pet psychic told her he'd been killed by a coyote.

Cat lost 18 days found in Dallas

Cat lost while wearing a harness and leash in Dallas TX recovered using Atlanta pet detective coaching.

lost cat "How to Find a Lost Cat"

Missing cat found after indoor cat escaped. Finn's Lost cat reunion.

lost cat California pet detective

Lost cat in Hermosa Beach, CA indoor only cat case solved using Lost Cat Finder advice and coaching.

Lost Cat found by pet detective

Kitty lost when carrier broke in apartment parking lot. She was tracked to her hiding place in a hole on a cliff by Austin Pet Detective Kim Freeman.

Lost cat found using search cat Henr

Lost kitties are hard to see in the dark! This cat who escaped the car during a cross country move at a gas station in Texas was found by a search cat and pet detective tracking.

old beloved office cat is saved

elderly cat lost and found hours from death saved by owner with pet detective coaching.

Thor lost cat found after 45 days

This missing cat was lost for weeks with no sightings but found only a block away. Never give up!

Lost cat recovered in wheelchair

Disabled woman recovers her escaped indoor cat with help from the Lost cat finder when no one else would lift a finger.

Lost Cat in Spain found  with pet detective coaching near Barcelona

Pet detective coaches veterinarian in Spain to recover her lost cat who jumped from the balcony.

Atlanta lost cat found in two hours

Atlanta Professor's escaped indoor only cat recovered quickly with Atlanta pet Detective coaching

Lost cat found in Miami Florida

Miami lost cat found in using the Lost cat finder pet detective in Atlanta.

Christmas Miracle lost cat found 2 months

cat lost in October found in time for Christmas with help from Lost Cat Finder.

Lost cat found 38 days

Pet detective reunites family with their cat long lost cat missing 38 days Monty named him The General.

Cat found in Detroit with pet detective coaching

Detroit Michigan indoor cat slips out the door at night. Recovered with lost cat finder coaching.

cat lost 56 days found in Arizona

Found after 56 days missing...another against-all- odds lost cat reunion!

Los Angeles CA lost cat found with pet detective advice

Beverly Hills, CA celebrity cat found after two weeks with coaching from the lost cat finder pet detective

Lost cat found. Texas pet detective

Missing cat hitches a ride to town in Marfa, Texas

stolen kitten found

Some lost kitties are actually stolen! This kitten was found at the ex-roomates house in time for Christmas using an insight from Cat Detective Profiling.

Lost Cat Cloud was missing 2 weeks

Zack found Cloud with weeks of coaching from the lost Cat Finder (plus plenty of patience, flyers and hard work).

Lost old cat found by pet detective

Colby & Stone reunited by Austin pet detective

Lost cat Ray reunited in Chicago IL

lost cat found in freezing winter w coaching from pet detective

Wisconsin lost cat found collar injury Wis

Cat lost in the Wisconsin wilderness found with collar caught under arm with help from the Lost Cat Finder long distance pet detective coaching.

Ciara Lost cat found Austin.jpg

CIARA an Austin lost cat found by pet detective in storm drain sewer caught and returned to owners by Lost cat Finder.

Pet detective finds lost cat IRMA

Athens, GA cat lost motel in parking lot after Irma evacuation tracked and recovered alive in Athens, GA after 3 weeks by the Cat Detective.

lost cat advice

REUNITED after a week missing! Moose got out Nov 2 under watch of a pet sitter. Last night, Becca called me for coaching.And had Moose home by morning. Here's the good news and sweet reunion photo. "KIM!! LOOK WHO WE (GOT HOME) THIS MORNING!!! I I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR HELP, GUIDANCE, PATIENCE, WISDOM. OUR FAMILY IS BACK TOGETHER AND IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU. 💛💛

Found thanks to Lost Cat Finder book!

Kim's "How to Find a lost cat" book got my cat found!

Lost kitten found in wall Nevada

This kitty was hiding from coyotes in an old electrical wall socket several houses away using the Cat Detective book "How to Find a Lost Cat" tips.

Decatur GA Atlanta pet detective magic

missing cat in Decatur GA found w Atlanta pet detective help within 6 hours!

cat lost 32 days

Atlanta couple gets lost cat found with pet detective help

Lost cat found pet detective tips austin

escaped cat found using pet detective tips book!

Lost cat found Belgium pet detective

lost cat in Belgium found with advice from pet detective

Two months on the Lam.

This cat named for Ferris Bueller took 2 months off...missing 62 days but we found him on the other side of the highway!

Lost cat Birdie found after 2 weeks

2 weeks Lost cat found by Austin Pet Detective

Lost cat found RV park fireworks

cat escapes RV in park before Fireworks

lost cat how to find Tango

Using the Lost Cat Finder tips from "How to find a lost cat" TANGO is home.

cat in tree rescue

once we found the lost cat up the tree we had to get her down.

missing cat Phoebe found

missing cat found trapped in Austin garage

Found cat danny Ithaca NY

missing cat in Ithaca found

Lost Balinese cat found Toronto

balinese cat found in toronto w pet detective help

Lost Cat Found by pet detective  North Carolina Chapel HillC_edited

lost cat found Chapel Hill

Amy Haden Found cat Toronto

Murphy was out in some freezing snow and had Amy very worried!

Lost Cat Virginia found cat finder

Yay! Today I got some great news from Virginia! "Good morning, Kim... after 8 days lost, Angel is found and is home!!!!! She was less than one mile away sitting on some apartment steps. I did post her flyer on all the dumpsters and a lady called tonight and said she thought my cat was sitting on the steps of her building! I drove there as quick as possible...used your advice, got low, talked quietly & continuously through all of my astonished & happy tears.

FOUND Bryan and girl cat

Happy lost cat found reunion in Houston

Latvia brothers cats found

cat brothers reunited in Latvia with lost cat coaching from US pet detective.

cat found after 33 days

cat lost in public park with coyotes found after 33 days missing

lost cat found Alberta

Canada cat lost 3 months found in Medicine Hat w pet detective coaching and persistence!

lost cat finder book tips

we found our cat using the advice and steps for our situation -- skittish cat escaped back door

Israel lost cat fell off balcony recover

Deaf kitty found after falling off balcony in Israel

lost cat found in New York highrise

lost cat found in New York high-rise

Thor after lost cat found

lost cat found 3 months

Ferris and sister are pals again

lost cat reunited with cat buddy in Austin TX

Evanston IL lost cat FOUND Olga.jpg

Lost cat Illinois found! "We were sick with worry over our missing Belmont Bunny! When the usual things didn't work, we got your online booklet and followed the steps for an indoor cat. We had him back in the wee hours the next morning! My daughter and I are so grateful for your experience and knowledge. Your advice was such a comfort during the stress--and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much, Kim! Olga Walsh Evanston, IL

Fraggle the cat is found!

Austin Lost cat found by pet detective

Zoey lost cat found

pet detective finds lost cat Zoey before owner gets home!

Lost Cat finder w Steve and Mel + Pita

pet detective tracks down escaped cat Pita during a freezing cold winter in Austin

Rhino lost cat found coyotes

Austin pet detective finds lost cat despite coyotes in area.

Lost cat found in Chicago SHIN.jpg

Our cat Mitzi, ran away when I accidently left a door open... Me and my family panicked at first and eventually became very very sad... while searching on Google for ways to recover a lost cat, we came across LOST CAT FINDER. Kim was featured in a Cat Fancy article and even made several appearances on news networks! It was her client testimonials and introduction to her services that attracted our attention most TRUST ME.. the material she provides and personalized consultation is so worth i

Hermosa Beach CA lost cat found

lost cat found w help from pet detective

Ray lost cat found in Chicago by pet detective lost cat finder

Lost cat found in Chicago winter with frostbite ears

Lost Savannah cat found

Lost Savannah cat found w help from Austin pet detective "The Lost Cat Finder."

Found cat Chapel Hill NC

lost cat found Chapel hill

Lost cat survives coyote attack

pet detective finds missing cat after coyote injury

Lost cat found New Jersey pet detective

Nemo the cat escaped in New Jersey right before a big snowstorm. Using Facebook messenger, his owner was coached by cat finder in a live search. We found him under a strange container where he would have been snowed in for days in only a few more hours!

Lost cat found pet detective GA

Thanks to some serious pet detective owners plus the Lost Cat finder working together, indoor escapee cat Downy was found after intense effort and a methodical search plan.

lost cat found in Michigan winter

lost cat found in Michigan snow

Murphey lost cat found Canada

Canada pet detective coaching tips

Cat found in drainage tunnel rescued

Shenwen found Taro far from home wet and scared but with some help from a pet detective and fireman, got him out and safe back home.

Steve with PITA

Click here for Steve's testimonial

Lost Siamese cat found Kansas

lost cat found Chapel Hill NC

Cat found in Detroit with pet detective coaching

Indoor cat slipped out the door at night. Cat expert calls Lost Cat Finder for long distance coaching.

Lost cat found inside hole in car
cat lost 2 weeks found by pet detective
Squeaky and Megan

Click for Megan's testimonial

Dale and Daisy reuntied.jpg

pet detective for cats

lost cat found on boat Mexico

Sailboat stowaway cat found in Mexico! "Good Morning Kim! Maui was missing for 3 1/2 days in a marina in Ensenada, Mexico.

lost cat Lily is FOUND!.jpg

lost white cat found

Lost cat found San antonio CHEVY.jpg

How to find a lost cat in San Antonio

Houston Lost Cat FOUND Fickle & Mike

Click to hear how Fickle was found w pet detective coaching

EMily cat found in house_edited
found cat in Austin after 38 days General

cat found using Texas pet detective Kim Freeman.

Lost cat found in Philadelphia

Missing Philadelphia cat is home!

Reese Lost cat found Portland Oregon

Portland, lost cat. Reese is home, belly is full and he's purring, making biscuits and rolling around on the carpet. You encouraged me to go out tonight, even though I was tired. I was near that car and heard a meow! I got on my belly. IT WAS HIM. I let him smell my hand and he took a tiny crawl forward and rubbed his chin on my finger. I took him by the scruff, pulled close to my chest and quickly got inside. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY

AmyFound cat.jpg

Finding Amy's lost cat

lost black cat found in Texas

"My indoor cat (Akasha) escaped my yard and disappeared for 13 days. He is now found thanks to the cat detective, Kim with lost Cat Finder!"

Hawthorne FOUND cat Kansas.png

Missing ten days LOST CAT FOUND in Lawrence, KS (West Hills)

Lost cat found case Giselle Rusty300.jpg

Texas pet detective assists owners to find their missing cat

Oliver lost found Ontario

Even after NO SIGHTINGS for a month Oliver the lost cat was found using professional lost cat help.

Old cat found after 2 years lost

THis elderly cat was found by the Lost cat Finder 2 years after she was lost!

lost cat found

"Thank you for your lost cat tips!"

Spencer Found 4 Sept 14 2014.jpg

Spencer was lost for months. Owners consulted pet detective via long distance and found him far away from home starved but alive.

Lost cat found home with John!

At last--our boy is home. Much thinner and very affectionate!

LOst cat found in Sacremento Daisy Dale.jpg

Sacramento, CA lost cat found with pet detective tips

Bitsy Lost cat found!

Nov 2, 2014 After 3 weeks of searching, emails and advice, Kathy (in Michigan) got Bitsy home. But she was not eating. A trip to the vet revealed hepatic lipidosis from starvation, but with assisted feeding and Kathy's patient loving care, Bitsy is getting better by the day.

Cat found Sacramento CA

California lost cat found by pet detective

Lost Cat Finder Found Cat Austin JacksonCopr.jpg

Lost cat found in Austin TX with on site assist from Kim, The Lost Cat Finder pet detective.

FOUND Derek book case.jpg

We used the "How to find a lost cat tips" very eye-opening!

Lost cat finders - cat found & home

"I am SO HAPPY to report that Smeago is back home! (I did everything you said) and woke up to him laying on the bed between me and my boyfriend passed out like a drunk with all paws up! Your book and video were VERY informative ... we're binding it today in case of any future cat escapes as we have three cats that are all quite prone to trying to break out." Thank you so much! I will be sending anyone and everyone I know with a lost cat to your Lost Cat Finder site!"

Pam points to where Kirby was found under truck

Kirby was hiding under this old burned out truck. It his fur took hours to clean it was so grimey.

PETRA Tabby Found.jpg

This kitty was found starving so the pet detective had to track down her owner, who had given up and presumed her cat was dead for 10 months.

Lost cat found after 8 days

Pet detective cleans up lost cat found under burned out truck in Texas

Jackson FOUND cat.jpg

lost cat found in Austin 2014.

Chico FOUND cat.jpg

missing cat tracking tips

Cat stuck in tree recovered

Inman park couple called cat finder to help find their missing outside access cat. She was in this tree so Kim called out Normer the Cat Man who rescues cats from trees!

Lost Cat found Pede is home!

KIM! Pede is home! We owe you the world! Best night ever!

Tashi FOUND CAT2CU.jpg

pet detective recovers missing Savannah cat in Austin.

Fiona is FOUND

Back in her favorite spot after 25 days missing!

Marina Enrique Found cat.jpg

escaped indoor only cat found in Austin chillin near town

Camilla and Jaido FB.png

Del Rio TX cat lost after move found w help from pet detective in Austin neighborhood

Kate and kelly!

Found within 24 hours by following my book tips advice!

Lost cat found! Jones is home!

Lost cat found and glad to be home! Luiz says, "He isn't the smartest, but he's my little dummy, and it feels so nice to have him back." — in Austin, Texas

Strawberry lost cat found after 56 days

cat lost 56 days found in Tempe Arizona

NC lost cat found under trailer

Cat lost from campground found w pet detective help!

lost cat found with help of pet detective bend oregon

cat found in Bed oregon after a month lost

lost cat happy reunion

lost cat found!

Lost cat found bend Oregon 30 days misisng
Barcelona lost cat found after he fell off balcony

Lost cat balcony accident in Spain is found after weeks and is back home in Spain and safe with his veterinarian mom and dog pal Jack.

Lost Cat Found France

Lost cat finder gets lost French cat found.

Lost cat found California 13 days
lost cat found after 6 days in wall
Margaret lost cat found at the vet
Lost cat found 2 weeks fireworks
Escaped indoor cat found w pet detective
Lost cat found in Nebraska
Lost cat finder Denver Colorado
josephine is found
Chapel Hill lost cat found
lost cat found Quebec Montreal
Happy lost cat reunion Indiana
Donut pic
Deb and Patches reunion snuggle
Oliver Sam
lost cat found with pet detective
Frasier manhole rescue found

indoor cat hiding in storm drain after coyote attack

cat presumed lost but hiding in

Austin TX cat presumed lost was in terrible pain. Found after ten days of hiding.

lost cat found by Austin pet detective P

This poor kitty escaped wearing a leash and harness on the way to the vet. Lost cat Finder found him at the edge of the neighborhood under this shed, scared and skinny.

Found cat Atlanta 30345

Happy lost cat reunion in Atlanta!

Lost cat found in attic

An important Warning story & lesson on cats who disappear this time of year and get stuck in attics. Kim, your lost cat kit helped us understand cat behavior… we have the cautious cat which makes sense why he didn’t meow those first couple of days. We are taking him to the vet tomorrow for a check-up. We are just so happy!!! Thank you so much… this book was a gift from God!!” Emily

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