TO: Lost Cat Finder

FROM: Theresa Bekessy

Reunited:  We found her!!!

Thank to your techniques and steps for a shy skittish/xenophobic indoor cat, we found Pina about 200ft from our yard...hiding in a neighbor's woodpile!


Thanks to your book, we knew where to concentrate our efforts knowing our cat would stay hidden and not respond to our calls.

We set a live trap near the woodpile and this morning- 14 days after she went missing my husband got her!

She is now home safe and sound.
Thanks to your wonderful suggestions and advice to stay focused and positive, we have our beloved Pina back again.


Theresa Bekessy and Pina!!!!

"I found my lost cat thanks to the tips in the "Lost Cat Finder" booklet!

lost cat found Lost Cat FInder book.png