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Austin Pet Detective wins over a skeptic.


Testimonial from a skeptic...


"Tonight my cat, an old Siamese I've had over 10 years, sits at the foot of my bed as I type.  


This is a real miracle because 2 weeks ago, he was lost in our move, and I had all but lost hope I would ever see him again.  


We checked the animal shelter downtown and the East Side with no luck. We also searched Craigslist where we found, of all things, a “cat detective.”  I put that in quotations because I honestly did not believe it was a real thing.


I was beyond skeptical, I thought it had to be a scam. My girlfriend Marissa asked about emailing her and I was just like, “Sure, it’s worth a shot.”  

After a few emails were exchanged, I realized this was a real thing, but I was still in disbelief. In fact, in the back of my mind I thought that it was crazy.  Perhaps I was crazy, or perhaps, she was, I thought.

By the time Kim got there, I was so exhausted from running around I could barely think.  After meeting with Kim, I got a rundown on the basics of searching for a lost cat.  She had brought over equipment and her trained search cat, Henry. He took a whiff of my cat's bed and was off like a shot. 


I admit that even though I thought it was nuts, Kim seemed confident and extremely knowledgable.  She had the attitude and equipment of a professional.  It blew my mind.  


During the search, she was extremely perceptive on clues to where cats may be.  She found clues like tiny cat hairs caught on fences, and at one point, the blue jays started calling across the street.  She said that they made a certain sound when a cat was around.  So we went and looked.  Sure enough, there was a cat there.  Not mine, but a cat.  


Anyways, Kim was her normal self, searching and looking in every nook, cranny, crevice.  I think this is what pays off when hunting a lost cat.  As the owner, it’s hard to see beyond your own nose. 


When we had got about 8 houses away, I started walking home to get Marissa. Kim called me to come back: “Colby come here! I think I found him." I ran back to where she was pointing, "Is that your kitty?" Sure enough. It was my Stone! He was laying there panting in 100 degree heat. Somehow, Kim found him in a place I had already looked.


I can’t say enough about Kim.  She's down to Earth, honest, caring, and sharp.  Thanks to this cat expert, my cat is here with me, sleeping at the foot of my bed."


Colby Stoker

Austin, TX

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