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Old cats can be lost and found, too.


This is the story of Office Max, an old lost cat who was found in the nick of time. 

It's a myth that old cats go off to die. But they can wander away, get lost and confused, then tired and lie down.


Even an elderly cat can be found and saved. Office Max is a perfect example. Office Max had been the "shop cat" for years until one day, he wasn't there for breakfast.


A young mechanic admitted he might have accidentally left a door open that evening that led from the office to the garage bay doors. 


The 17-year old Office Max had slipped out into the night, unseen.

Fallon called me for help and told me she was especially worried because he was 17 years old: "Kim, I’m getting more and more distressed due to his age."


We got flyers made and posters up while Fallon searched everywhere I outlined. No sign of him. Three days later, we learned why. A worker inside a lumberyard sawmill recognized Max from our LOST CAT flyers. He came by the shop and said, "I think your cat is under our table, but he's in bad shape."


Fallon raced over there to find the workers had put him in a box. He wasn't moving. His eyes were sunken. His mouth hung open, full of debris and sawdust, his tongue hanging limp.


The men shook their heads and said he was too far gone. But Fallon took the box and sped off to the emergency vet, telling me "If they can get a needle in to put him down, they can get a needle in to try to save him. I can’t let him go without trying." 


An hour later, this report came in addressed to the Lost Cat Finder:

 "We are at the vet. it doesn’t look good. But he’s a tough old man and I’m holding out hope.”


Apparently, Office Max had wandered into the sawmill and they locked him in over the weekend. The next day I got this report: 


“Max is hanging in there. He’s very weak and frail. There was a lot of debris in his nose/mouth so, with the IV hydration, he’s pushing it all out with snot. 

I was with him when he came out of it, he started purring when he heard my voice. He’s going back to ER for monitoring tonight.”


The next day was a short report: “He is still touch and go, but at least he is now hydrated.”


Fallon had saved Office Max's life. No doubt about it. The vet had said he would have been dead within an hour had she not rushed him to Emergency as soon as she saw him in that box.


Fallon took him home where she had set up a special recovery room for him.


“Kim: I’m syringe feeding as I feel he’s more comfortable here at home. He walked (wobbly) to his litter box and pottied. I had to help him to get back out. I think by next week he should be more back to normal. For now, no matter what the outcome, I’m just glad he’s here and safe. My greatest fear was that he was cold and alone which was exactly what happened. He’s less snotty today and I’m hoping he will eat on his own by the weekend.”


Two days later, at last, some really great news:


“Kim! He’s doing fantastic after an enema and stool softener.
He’s pooped 2 more times and is now eating well! I’m going to Petco today to get regular wet food: he doesn’t like the RX stuff anymore. What can I say… he’s a picky old man.”


A week later, even better news!


“Max is at the vet today getting blood work to make sure all systems are back up and running. He’s looking so good, the girls at the clinic couldn’t believe it when I dropped him off :)."


I got this great news from Fallon about a month later with some very happy "Welcome Back Office Max" photos:


Hi Kim! Max is pretty much fully recovered. Frederick from the lumber yard came by to visit yesterday and couldn’t believe it. Max sat in his lap and purred! He’s able to jump on my desk on his own now and perches up there to greet people, just like he always has. And of course, to beg me for “cookies” (aka kitty crack treats).


He is so happy to be back in his element and is getting lots of extra kisses/cuddles from everyone :)


Took this the other day when he was back in my lap. His Elvis lip is from after he knocked out his top canine, so it’s permanent. I think it adds character :)


Here is one of my uncles (we’re a family business ha) with Max. Everyone missed him so much! Thank you for all your advice and support throughout this traumatic lost cat ordeal. I wish I'd listened when you suggested the search dog to figure out the direction of travel. The rates they quoted were super expensive but might have been less than the vet bills.


Again, thank you for all your guidance and concern and for checking in on us.


Like I said, he's a tough old man, and he made it. We are all so very happy to have him back at the shop, drinking out of his 'Greatest Grandpa' coffee mug again!"


Fallon & Max 
back together in Waco Texas

sawmill lumber yard.png
At the emergency vet.png

This elderly cat was missing for days, but saved by a dedicated owner who refused to give up.

Old office kitty back to normal naps.png
Max and Fallon_edited.jpg

Elderly lost cat found and reunited!

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