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lost kitten found in NYC highrise
lost kitten found in AC vent

NYC lost kitten found in wall


After Beverly could not find her kitten (shown here about the same size as a pair of glasses) she realized she had escaped to the 21rst floor apartment, but how?

Instead of assuming this kitten had fallen off the balcony of her NYC high rise, she learned to think like a cat and found her!


Here's her letter..


"Kim! I found her! I totally credit your book!"


Since I'm on the 21st floor of a NYC high-rise, i thought she might have gotten onto the terrace and fallen. (It happened once before. One of my darkest days).


"We have a 1000 sf terrace, so it's certainly possible. Instead of assuming the worst, I read your guide. I was so soothed to hear your comments on typical behavior in unfamiliar turf. After checking neighbors’ terraces, the last apt I knocked on said he heard a cat meowing at around midnight, but knew I had 5 cats, so he forgot about it. 

The upshot is, my tiny kitten (without even all her baby teeth yet) got out the front door into the 21rst floor hallway, found an opening behind an air conditioner and into the building’s walls and sat on a pipe.


I could hear her crying when i took the ac apart. With my flashlight, I could see she was way far in.

It was the most thrilling moment to hear her cry in the wall, then to see her little face peek out!

She was starving! As kittens, she and her brother are hungry all the time. She spent almost 24 hours in the wall, so she ate non-stop when I got her home. 

Anyway, I’m very grateful for your book advice. Your words definitely helped me. Especially when you said "don't ever give up." That motivated me to think she could still be alive.

I’m so grateful. Thank you for putting out this book. You rock, Kim!!"

Beverly CM
New York City, NY

NYC highrise
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