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Lost cat found in 2 hours!

Atlanta cat detective teaches a philosophy professor how to find a lost cat.

On my birthday, I got talked into taking this escaped cat case by a very persuasive Philosophy Professor.


Here' the happy news from "Professor Skeptic"after our lost cat phone consult. He followed my plan and got his missing kitty back in two hours. Take note of Dean's offer if you need help finding your lost cat!



"Kim, Target is back home! You are an amazing genius!"


I've been telling people about you all morning--it's the least I can do to help both them and you.


You were right about many things about which I was skeptical. Most notably, you mentioned in the book that giving up to avoid grief was a reason that cats are not found. I would have given up if I had not read that, and, especially if I had not talked to you.


I had no idea that within about two hours of setting things up according to your instructions, Target would be home. We were amazed. 


Target is doing fine and is more cuddly than ever. She has been extremely loving with both of us. She is happy to be home, thanks to you.


Your service was worth so much more to us than it cost. I feel as though we owe you something more. Could you mention a pet finder charity that we could donate to in appreciation of your work? Ideally, I would have like to donate one of your lost cat consultations to a family, especially with children, that could not afford the fee; I hate the thought of families losing their pets for lack of funds. 


I have mentioned you several times to people who reported lost pets on newsgroups.


I can never thank you enough.


All the best,


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