Lost cat chased by dogs found in Sacramento CA

Hi Kim -  I lost my cat Daisy while visiting relatives in Northern California. Their son stopped by with his two Labrador dogs and chased her away.


We hunted for Daisy that first day with no luck. I did some research on line and read about you and your book "How To Find Your Lost Cat". I bought the book and started reading it right away.


I was fascinated by the chapter on the "lost cat behavior" and it changed the way I thought about finding my missing cat.


After tunneling into the 1/4 mile long blackberry bush with 4-30 foot long tunnels and spending hours in those bushes (in over 100 degree outside temperatures) calling Daisy and shaking the treat bag we did not hear a peep out of her for 7 days.


AFTER READING YOUR BOOK,  on the 8th day early in the morning I went inside one of the tunnels I heard her meow and like magic she walked right to me.



There is more about the search I forgot to mention. Daisy WAS found right inside that radius you talked about in the book! 


I didn't give up because of what you wrote about cat behavior and grief and I knew where to focus on searching.


Please feel free to use any information or pictures I send because it might help save another cat. 


I would tell anyone that lost their cat to buy the book 'How to Find a Lost Cat'.


It saved my cat and it can help anyone find a lost cat and I will tell them that!


 Sacramento California


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Mo FOUND Byron reunion
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Jones is home!
Mo and Byron happpy reunion
happy lost cat reunion
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Pam points to where Kirby was found under truck
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Carol and Menchi reunion
Getting Stoney home
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Jakey found for Laurie
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Lost cat finder search & rescue cat