Facetime "live-coaching" a lost cat case in New Jersey: Finding Nemo. 

Nemo the cat escaped one winter night when Hillarys door blew open. She woke to find two cats out and staring at her and one completely missing.


After searching with no luck one of Hillary's friends suggested she get my help as Nor-easter was coming.


To save time, Hillary came up with the brilliant idea to do a lost cat search on Facetime so I could guide her as she was looking for her escaped indoor cat, Nemo. It was urgent as there was about to be a big snow storm hitting her a town in New Jersey. 


We found poor frightened lost cat Nemo around midnight under a snow plow equipemnt trailer. AS a result of this new way of live helping someone during a lost cat search,  I now offer live FaceTime coaching in addition to my educational video & profiling service.


Like Hillary racing against time with the weather, many people are too overwhelmed to watch my educational video or read the e-book. 


Actual real-time live "lost cat coaching" gets panicked owners on track right away and FaceTime video lets me see and guide the search. 


Hillary was so kind to make this video. Here she is with Nemo telling the story in her words...




Spencer cat Found face.jpg
Lost Cat found cat rescue Pede300.jpeg
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Tashi cat found.jpg
Alayana and Finn FOUND.jpg
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Mo FOUND Byron reunion
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Neville lost cat found ontario.jpg
Alayana and Finn FOUND.jpg
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Jones is home!
Mo and Byron happpy reunion
happy lost cat reunion
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Pam points to where Kirby was found under truck
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Carol and Menchi reunion
Getting Stoney home
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Jakey found for Laurie
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Lost cat finder search & rescue cat