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We found our lost cat in Decatur, GA within 6 hours w help from Kim, the Atlanta pet detective!"

Great news from Poptart's relieved guardians!

July 4th fireworks are legal in Atlanta and POPTART the cat could not have picked a worse time to escape her house in Decatur!


Below  is the note from the very stressed owners Eric and Kendra. They were skeptical, but as Eric says, a pessimist is never disappointed! They requested my in-person lost cat profiling advice. 


Since I have a broken ankle, I sent him home with two bags and a case of tools. Despite being exhausted from  no sleep, worry and searching, he followed all my advice and had their beloved POPTART home within 6 hours!


"Kim, THIS is Poptart. YOU brought her back home 🤗


Check out this live photo with her son Oatmeal after she got her welcome home meal!

Here's what happened after I left your house... came home, I did everything as instructed: installed the chain, positioned the cam, closed off the rooms house...everything. 


Kendra came home depressed. She and I went through the bag of tools you loaned me. She went to bed to watch your video and fell asleep. 


About 2 am (as you predicted) the alarm went off! Kendra went down stairs to the condemned basement, exited, and then shut the door from the outside (there's a tip you could share!). 

Poptart was a little wet and there are tiny tufts of fur missing.  She also has a scrape on her lip, so she's not as pretty as before :) 


 Oatmeal was thrilled! 


Honestly, I can't believe it worked, but, darn it, you were right.  Text book. 


Borderline unbelievable.  

Thank you.  

Thank you so much.

Eric & Kendra

Decatur, Georgia


Spencer cat Found face.jpg
Lost Cat found cat rescue Pede300.jpeg
Austin Cat Found Squeaky with Megan.jpg
Tashi cat found.jpg
Alayana and Finn FOUND.jpg
Carole and Found cat Menchi.jpg
Neville lost cat found ontario-filtered-6.jpeg
Mo FOUND Byron reunion
Jones FOUND.jpg
NEMO lost cat found.jpg
Lost Cat Finder Found Cat Austin JacksonCopr.jpg
Camila lost cat found Austin.jpg
CASE Found Arayna Finn.jpg
Spencer Found 4 Sept 14 2014.jpg
CASE FOUND Smeagol .jpg
FOUND Derek book case.jpg
Chico FOUND cat.jpg
Neville lost cat found ontario.jpg
Alayana and Finn FOUND.jpg
Anemic cat found.png
NEMO lost cat found.jpg
another lost cat found pet detective Fiona.jpg
Lost Cat FOUND Fickle and Mike.jpg
Jones is home!
Mo and Byron happpy reunion
happy lost cat reunion
Lost cat found 8 days pet detective.jpg
Pam points to where Kirby was found under truck
Stone found close up.png
Henry in tree Sept 6.jpg
Henry in vest lounging.jpg
Bitsy Lost cat found.jpg
Found cat Warner Robbins DownyCU.jpg
Henry Search Cat Channel art.jpg
Downy FB.png
Menchi FB.png
Lost Cat Finder and search cat Henry 300dpi.jpg
Jackson is found! Celebrating wiith Ryan Crop.png
Colby FB.png
Lost Cat finder Pet Detective interview.jpg
Carol and Menchi reunion
Getting Stoney home
Jackson Ryan Crop.png
Jakey found for Laurie
Holding Henry C2.jpg
Lost cat finder search & rescue cat
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