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"My escaped cat Charlie is home - 

thanks to your lost pet finder cat tips!"

After days of searching, Jason heard about my "How to Find a Lost Cat" video on 3 lost pet Facebook pages and ordered it.

"Hi, Kim! Our cat Archie accidentally got out last Saturday. She's strictly indoors and so we were pretty distraught over what to do.


Multiple people on the FB Lost & found pages recommended your lost cat guides. Sunday morning, I downloaded them. So glad I did. I felt like I knew my cat pretty well, but I learned so many things in the hour I spent watching your video.

After listening to your advice, I was able to strategize... your concrete details helped us focus our search and focus ourselves. It is now Wednesday and Archie is safely back home! We found her this afternoon and she was in the exact same spot ... just like you said.


Attaching a picture of Archie tolerating some love from me. 

Thank you so much for what you do, Kim!

Jason Degroot and Archie


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