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Escaped indoor cat Recovered in Chicago

Randy had been searching for his beloved companion cat Ray for a while before he contactedme at lost Cat Finder. Once he read my online booklet "How to Find a Lost Cat" he called me to request a custom consultation and ongoing support.


We got poor Ray found in the middle of a cold Chicago snowstorm at night. He had frostbite on one ear, but is otherise okay now.


Here's their story...

"Ray had been missing for 2 weeks.  We  had searched high and low with no sign of him whatsoever.  


The Chicago weather was horrible 11 degrees with a low of -6 some nights. I was at my wit's end trying to find him and, like many cat owners, wasted a lot of time with unproductive efforts. Thankfully, I found Pet Detective Kim Freeman, specializing in lost cats.


Not only did Kim call me back promptly, her web site also had a book and video chocked full of excellent expert advice with invaluable how to info.   I learned what I was doing wrong, but, more importantly, what I needed to do right.  She showed me how to think like a cat and made me aware of the hiding phase.


When you're frantic and feeling helpless, this is EXACTLY what you need: here is what I CAN do, and the most effective way to do it.  And how to prioritize what to do.  I learned the best ways to make and distribute flyers and posters.  I learned where he was most likely to be, allowing me to concentrate my efforts.  I learned what equipment to get and where to put it.  The value of this is cannot be overstated.  


But Kim went way beyond that.  Her commitment to her clients is amazing.  After getting her specific profile of Ray I peppered her with so many questions every step of the way, trying to make sure I left no stone unturned.  She always patiently and promptly answered every one, no matter how many other clients she was helping.  And that is so important when you are receiving help, especially at long distance (I am near Chicago, far from her Texas location).


The support and advice she gave me about how Ray could survive in terrible winter weather, how not giving up too soon is so important, how to understand my cat's specific personality and what he might do, how to prepare for his "breaking cover" and possibly trying to return to the house, all of this spurred me on when otherwise, all hope would have been gone.  I feared whether I would ever see Ray again, but she kept me going and focused.  Pretty incredible from over 1,000 miles away!!


Bottom line, she was right and it worked!  I followed her expert and thorough advice and now Ray is home!!   No one could be more helpful and compassionate than Kim.  The reason why I got my Ray back after 2 weeks in the dead of winter is Kim, the Lost Cat Finder.  Without her help, I have no doubt I would never have seen my cat again. 





- Randy Knowles, North Shore Suburb of Chicago, Illinois



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Mo FOUND Byron reunion
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Case Found cat Austin
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Neville lost cat found ontario.jpg
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Mo FOUND Byron reunion.jpg
Jones Regal Austin cat found.jpg
Jones FOUND.jpg
PETRA Tabby Found.jpg
NEMO lost cat found.jpg
Lost cat found Hawethorne.jpg
Lily is FOUND!.jpg
Oliver Ontario cat FOUND pic.jpg
Fiona cat FOUND and lounging pic.jpg
another lost cat found pet detective Fiona.jpg
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Jones is home!
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Lost cat found Austin
Lilly in a tree
Mo and Byron happpy reunion
happy lost cat reunion
Si found under a barn
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Kirby first night home with Pam
Pam points to where Kirby was found under truck
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Chico is home
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Zoey Lost cat found in 30 minutes
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I found Katy and got her home on a cold rainy day
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Carol and Menchi reunion
Getting Stoney home
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Jakey found for Laurie
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