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As a real-life pet detective with a specialty in finding lost cats, I get occasional media attention and a few offers for Reality TV shows. 


I've been doing lost cat search and rescue for years, and my success rate has gotten the attention of several news shows including Time Warner, CBS and NBC.


If you're interested in interviewing me, please contact my assistant at 404 996-0116 to find out the best times to discuss my work. And no Ace Ventura jokes, please!


you're interested in learning my special "Lost Cat Finder" techniques or want to hire me to find your cat, go to this page: TIPS & TECHNIQUES

lost cat finder interview tips

Interviews and tips with the Lost Cat Finder 




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The Lost Cat Finder with her lost pet tracker, henry featured in CATSTER magazine in April/May 2020

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Famous pet detective  lost cat finder ti

The pet detective for lost cats.

“Kim is the absolute best lost cat finder in the nation.”

-- Officer Shannon Jay,

 California Forest Ranger and star of the documentary "The Fire Cats of Santa Rosa" finding the cats lost in the fires of 2018.


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