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About the Lost Cat Finder

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, I use both in-person and long-distance coaching to get missing cats back home. 


It's extremely rewarding to reunite a missing cat with an owner who cares enough to seek my help. I absolutely love this work and getting cats found and back to safety.


I remember how it felt when my cat was missing. I never thought my beloved, orange tabby, Mister Purr would disappear, but in 2008 he didn't come home and I had to put my MPP training and tracking skills to the test. I was so relieved when I found him, I cried all over his orange fur. The reason he didn't come home is that he couldn't... he'd gotten accidentally locked in the neighboring rancher's tool shed. I'll never forget the relief and joy of finding him alive.

A real life pet detective who is 100% dedicated to finding missing cats. THe lost Cat finder has found missing cats all over the world

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"The pet detective for lost cats"


My "Lost Pet Search & Rescue" pet detective training began in the summer of 2006 when I met the pioneer of lost pet work and founder of Missing Pet Partnership, Kat Albrecht, who taught what she had learned, from lost cat profiling, search & tracking techniques, probability theory and the science of lost pet behavior. 


Now, combining my experience in tracking, search & rescue training and the study of lost cat behavior, I've created a video tutorial and comprehensive booklet to teach you the most successful new techniques to recover your missing cat.


Click here to get my "How to Find a Lost Cat" tips delivered instantly or shipped in paperback via Amazon.  


Anyone who has taken the time to skim the booklet can go here to request custom lost cat advice & personal coaching on your lost cat case.


I look forward to reuniting you with your kitty!



At your service,


Kim Freeman

The Cat Detective




“With a missing cat, never assume anything, and never give up too soon! If you haven't found a body, your lost cat is out there somewhere, so use the best techniques available to get them found!"


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