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Pet Detective Search Equipment
Key supplies for finding a missing cat.

Pet detectives keep an arsenal of special equipment to find lost pets. I'm sharing what I have tried, tested and trust after using many brands & models over the years so you know the best of each category


The gear I use most are my see-into-every-crevice 1,000-lumen spotlight, a set of wireless motion alerts, movement-activated night vision trail cameras, Tomahawk humane cat traps, packs of orange foam sheets to turn a missing cat flyer into attention-grabbing "lost cat posters," and the Bionic Ear amplified listening device (to hear meows in those inaccessible garages, sheds and crawlspaces).


The more expensive high-tech items that are not as essential but definitely nice to have are: a night vision monocular and infrared thermal detection unit.


You can rent  most of these items directly from me, or have them delivered using the Amazon links below.

Lost cat finder search gear.png

Pet Detective tools of the trade, 2012 to 2021

Lost cat finder search gear.png

Lost Cat Finder gear you can rent

NightVision Wildlife Trail Cameras

Motion-triggered night vision cameras take photos 24/7 for invaluable info find to find your missing cat.  Two recommended versions: The standard mini-trail cam uses an SD card you retrieve and take home to view the footage each morning. The SPYPOINT will send images directly to your cell phone 24/7 and comes with all the needed supplies. My favorite budget cam under $50 is this mini version on the right. email to request rental $10/day, $25 /week.



Bionic Hearing

This HAUSBELL listening device amplifies the tiniest sound so you can hear your cat if trapped in a shed, garage or other enclosed space you can't access. Get one via Amazon by clicking the picture at right, or email to request rental for $10/week. 



The humane trap made for cats

Most traps sold in stores are made for raccoons. Cats lean over the trip plate and eat without being captured. Cat traps are made especially for cats both in length and shape. TruCatch traps are the best and used by TNR cat trappers across the US but not always available, so Tomahawk cat traps are a good option and a little cheaper. I have and use both. Click here to order, Request trap rental.for $20 a week. 


Long-range motion alert 

This wireless security alarm lets you know if your missing cat tries to come home and can also be used to monitor your trap from 300ft away. The receiver end goes by your bed and will DING at any motion. $5 day, $15/week. email to request rental

Lost Cat Poster Sign posts 

Garden flags for posters are ideal for putting up attention getting signs exactly where you want them. 5 for $5 /week. email to request rental

Orange Lost cat poster sheets 

These weatherproof foamy sheets are available at Michael's Craft stores but you can order them cheaper at Amazon. Borrow a pack of mine as they are reusable $5/week.  email to request rental

* All batteries & accessories are included with my lost cat equipment rentals.

Best lost cat tools & gear you can buy

Free Lost Cat Flyer poster template

This Missing cat poster template is ideal to confirm sightings and avoid someone chasing your missing cat.


Click the image to download as a 2=page MS Word document.


Use page 2 to fill in with your custom  image and number.

NOTE: the $50 reward is ONLY for a CONFIRMED photo!

Lost cat poster template.png

Stray cat paper collar template

Stray Cat Paper Collars.jpeg

DEMO VIDEO: the equipment I use most often to find missing cats.


You probably won't need all this gear to find your lost cat. Use the book as your guide, or ask me which tools and items are best for your particular situation.

FTC Disclosure: LCF is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn credits from qualifying purchases. This means if you order an item through the links on this page, Lost Cat Finder may receive a few cents for the referral and recommendation. Only products personally tested to find lost cats are recommended.

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