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When an indoor only cat slips out the door at night...

Cat expert consults an expert.

Cat found in Detroit with pet detective coaching.png

"As the Director of Feline Lifesaving for a national animal welfare organization, you'd think I would know how to recover a cat that darted out the front door. But when this happened to me yesterday, after chasing the terrified cat around and around the neighborhood at midnight was only making things worse, I am forever grateful I had the foresight to call Kimberly Freeman, the Lost Cat Finder.


I've known her for years, had heard the success stories from colleagues and peers, and I also knew that even I was out of my depths on this particular cat issue. And I knew time was of the essence."


"Kim brought immediate calm, order, and a lifetime of experience and knowledge to the panicked situation. I was shocked by the level of science involved in cat recovery, the in-depth questions she asked on the cat's personality, the terrain, the level of response Kim gave to the situation.


I had no idea so much went into cat recovery!


Kim walked me through every step. She provided step-by-step, calm instruction all night long. She listened to the unique circumstance and tailored a plan specific to this cat.


Was I skeptical at first? Yes, I was.


I had never even considered some of the questions Kim was asking! And I am a national cat expert! But I knew enough to listen and I knew Kim was the only hope we had of getting this cat back.


As the hours ticked by, I put all my faith in her. And thank god. Because the cat behaved exactly - down to the very hour - how Kim said he would. We recovered the cat exactly how Kim said we would. Six hours later, he was back in our arms, a little dirty and disheveled, a lot terrified, but he was back.


We would never have recovered this cat without Kim's experience and insight into a cat's unique 'lost' behaviors. This can happen to anyone, the best pet owner in the world. I never thought this would happen to me and the panic, anxiety, and fear are real. And I am telling you, act quickly. Call Kim. Listen to her, and do as she says.


Finding lost cats is nothing like you are told on the internet; all the myths and bad advice only make things worse, and time is of the essence. I cannot recommend this service highly enough and I am forever indebted."

Monica F

Detroit Michigan

cat detective coaching long distance.png
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